Making strict laws to prevent people from breeding their animals is definitely a start, but it needs to start at a more direct level too. Pet owners when buying animals should have to fill out applications and agreements that they wont breed their animals unless they are licensed breeders, and if they break these agreements be faced with large fines. Most times, unless dog breeders also intend to breed dogs to show, they are only breeding for profit. Therefore, the people purchasing these dogs can make a difference by only buying from show dog breeders, because this shows they are more likely to care for their dog’s well being. If buyers are willing to purchase their dogs from these legitimate breeders, and spend a little bit extra money, pet shops will eventually go out of business which will put puppy mills out of business. This will also guarantee the dog’s health care and assurance, when if you purchase from  backyard breeder or puppy mil the dogs often have serious health problems that come up later in life.


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